Why choose a Fort Knox safe?

Fort Knox is the industry leader for gun and ammunition safes. Take a look at just some of the standard features that make Fort Knox more than just a safe. Complying with BS7558: 1992

Icon Fire

Reinforced Fire Door

The innovation in our Reinforced Fire Door comes from the combination of 21st century technology and time-honoured thick plate steel. The outer edge of the door is precisely folded around one layer of fire board and a solid steel plate that runs the full length and width of the door.

Because there are three layers of steel on the outside edge of the door (where a prying attack would take place), Fort Knox Safes are unmatched in strength and security.

Icon Secure Lock

Triple Locker System

Engineering a relocker system into a door that locks the vault mechanism when under attack provides a great second line of defence. If a thief attempts to cut out the lock, the relockers drop into position keeping the door closed. Fort Knox provides you with not just one, but three or more relockers to ensure your door remains tightly closed against the most determined attacker.

Icon Construction

Unibody Construction

Fort Knox has found that a Unibody Construction retains the natural strength of the steel. We have strategically folded the edge around the door making it the most secure body available, giving the door a deep recessed seat to make it virtually impossible to pry. The technical innovation offered by Fort Knox will give more security than raw weight.

Icon Door Frame

Quadrafold Door Frame

The Quadrafold Door Frame has been designed to be the strongest in the industry, providing superior strength in every situation. By locking the 1" locking bolts behind this frame, Fort Knox security is truly unmatched.

Icon Hinges

Easy Glide Ball Bearing Hinges

Completely adjustable and tamper proof, without affecting our certified fire protection, our hinges add maximum security. The door opens a full 180 degrees with the outside hinge. Smooth access to your safe or vault shows the thought and care taken into all Fort Knox products.

Icon Gear Drive

5 To 1 Gear Drive System

Our patented rack and pinion bank style locking mechanism is the most technically sophisticated and reliable locking system available. Precision, strength and maintenance-free ownership are among the reasons. Fort Knox Safes have an added clutch to prevent damage to the mechanism from undue or excessive force on the handle.

Icon Fire

Dual Activated Thermal Door Seal

Locked, sealed and ready to block the worst that flames have to offer.

Seal 1

Heat activated Palusol swells to seal the vault door during a fire.

Seal 2

A smoke seal is critical to protect your possessions until the expansion of the Palusol occurs.

Icon Organiser

Complete Gun Safe Door Organiser

The Door Organiser gives you a variety of options for added storage. Cargo net pockets and zippered pockets are all included for additional convenience and organisation.


Fort Knox Security Products USA warrants to the original purchaser only, that each safe will be free from defects in material and workmanship for the lifetime of the original purchaser from the date of delivery. Integral units such as locks are subject to this same warranty.

Fort Knox Security Products USA will replace any safe, free of charge, broken into by forced entry or damaged due to an unlawful attempt during the lifetime of the original purchaser. Damaged safes must be returned for evaluation to Fort Knox Security Products by prepaid freight along with the report made by the investigating agency. The new replacement safe will be sent to the customer freight collect.

Fort Knox Security Products USA will repair or replace, at our option, any safe due to incidental damage as a result of accident, flood, or fire. Damaged safe must be returned freight prepaid to Fort Knox Security Products. The safe will be returned freight collect. The responsibility of Fort Knox Security Products under this warranty is limited to replacement or repair of defective part at the Fort Knox Security Products, Orem, Utah factory, or at a point designated by them, with expense for transportation to be borne by the original purchaser. In no event shall Fort Knox Security Products liability exceed the original cost of the product.

Fort Knox Security Products USA shall only be liable when the safe is used in compliance with those directions specified in the manufacturer’s instructions.

This warranty shall not apply to any safe or parts modified without the consent of Fort Knox Security Products.

Fort Knox Security Products USA specifically disavows any other representation, warranty, or liability related to the condition or use of the product. For more information, contact Fort Knox (Europe) Ltd.

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